Drogerie Haarfarbe – geschädigtes Haar mit Yuko G Cream

In manchen Fällen kann ein Japanese Hair Straightening gemacht werden, insofern heller gefärbtes Haar gesund aussieht und sich seidig anfühlt! Man sollte zuerst die Haare 1-2 Wochen vor der Haarglättung mit Olaplex repaieren lassen. Einen Olaplex Salon findet man mitlerweile überall, lasse dir dort ein Olaplex Rebuild Treatment machen

There is a misconception that color treated hair and highlighted hair cannot be treated. This is not allways true, Japanese Hair Straightening can produce excellent results on color treated and highlighted hair. Because it is not just straightening hair, it also re-texturizes,a recognized technique of restoring health to the hair with a healthy shine. Begin with Olaplex Rebuild Treatment 1 week for the Japanese Hair Straightening. My Technique Step by Step:

1. Shampoo with Yuko Kokoro G and Kokoro G Treatemt.
2. Proceed with Application Dilutes ( 50 ml Yuko G Cream H 1 + 50 ml Yuko G Controller) Apply Yuko Aqua G Water to ends that have dried out. Process Time Approx 15-20 min. If the hair stretches easily with little pressure, it is ready to rinse.
3. Rinse very well.
4. Yuko Kokoro G Treatment only. No Shampoo.
5. After towel drying hair, apply Yuko G-Water and then Yuko Heat Guard.
6. Flat Iron. 130°-150° for medium damage hair.100°-130° for fine/highly damaged hair. If hair dries completely, dampen the hair using Yuko Aqua G water.
7. Apply Neutralizer H2 process 10 minutes.
8. Rinse / Towel Dry.
9. Apply Olaplex No.2 generously – Process for minimum 10 minutes or longer.
10. Shampoo with Yuko Kokoro G and Kokoro G Treatment.
11. Dry hair.

Hair Type 3 B - Damage Level 7 by Home Color Zeit: 6 Stunden.
Level 0: Healthy Thick Coarse or Resistant.
Level 1: Semi & perm tint 3% + 6%
Level 2: No to low chemical damage
Level 3-4: Hair that is Tinted using 9% (Dilutes 80ml + 20ml Contoller)
Level 5: Medium chemical damage. Mid to Low Damage (Dilutes 70ml + 30ml Contoller)
Level 6: Multiple Tints/ Overlapped Colour/ Home Colour (Dilutes 70ml + 30ml Contoller)
Level 7: High Ligh Hair in reasonable health and still feels and looks healthy (Dilutes 50ml + 50ml Contoller)
Level 8: Fragile Hair Multiple applications. Not recommended if hair feels and looks too compromised
Level 9: Bleached Hair
level 10: Chemical Relaxer