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Very little information can be found on websites about hair straightening: Please make a consultation appointment. We advise you on your hair type. The price for hair straightening depends on hair length, time and amount of product.

Discover the possibilities: My website is the only one where you can already get information, what is possible, how the costs are and how it works.

For those clients that are considering such processes as permanent straightening, temporary straightening, or smoothing their hair here are several good reasons as to why this is such a life-changing service. And this applies to men as well as women, depending on their haircut.

For Those That Desire Straight Hair

If the case of curly or frizzy hair and for those who desire a permanent or temporary solution these processes will not only save them a lot of precious time, but their results will be shinier and more beautiful than just blow drying and ironing. I think once a client tries it; there is no going back to how things were before.
For your male clients, there are many hairstyles where the hair is longer on top and shaved or nearly shaved (or both) on the sides. If the hair is wavy or curly, this style will be impossible. Now you can offer my male clients a way to try new hairstyles.

The products used are as follows:

  • Thermal Reconditioning – Permanent – but hair growth will need to be re-treated – every 6-8 months.
  • Temporary straightening- Innosys Advanced iStraight Keratin (3-4 months) or Innosys Diamond iStraight Keratin (4-6 months).
  • Temporary Smoothing- Innosys Cysteine iStraight Keratin (2-3 months).

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The Japanese creative stage for permanent results.

Thermal Reconditioning Works Well on: Hair that is coloured without Bleach. Thick course Hair, very curly Hair, strong healthy resistant Hair.

ストレート パーマ – Japanese Straight Perm:

Thermal Reconditioning by using a hair iron:
Wavy, curly, kinky, no matter how unmanageable the hair is, Japanese hair straightening will leave the hair luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine. After about 5 – 8 months, the new growth must be treated. see here: new growth (touch up straightening)

also known as:

Japanese Hairstraightening – Rebonding

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デジタルパーマ – Japanese Digital Perm :

Thermal Reconditioning by using hot rods:
The same products are used as Straight Perm, the only difference is, that hot rods create the new shape. From glamorous curls to tousled beach waves, natural straight, poker straight, and many more. Digital Curling is a personalised service offering bespoke results. So whether you want bouncy curls, gentle waves or just some more body to your hair, this is the service for you. Even those with coarse, frizz prone curls can turn to this treatment to smooth, relax and tame unruly hair into frizz-free, glossy manageable waves.

also known as:

Digital Curling – Hot Perm – Digi Perm – permanent Beach Waves – Blowout Perm – Clinic Perm

Videos von Digi Perm

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The Brazilian only uses keratin and does not use other chemical agents. Keratin works well on: Bleach & Highlighted Hair. Fine hair, Hair that is weak or damaged. Keratin is a natural and very resistant protein, as it is found in the human body and it is a less aggressive treatment. That benefits the hair, but does not last as long.

iStraight Keratin is an advanced keratin treatment that reduces curls, smooths out waves, and helps eliminate frizz. Because it is a treatment, iStraight Keratin is safe to use on all types of hair and actually more effective on hair that has color, highlights, bleach, and even relaxers.

Original Brasilian Blowout:

Escova Progressiva (The blow-drying is getting easier). This allows you to blow dry your hair with very little effort.
This is not a permanent straightening and the client has the choice of going back to their natural hair once the treatment wears off in 2 to 6 months. If the effect of the treatment washed out, so that all hair must be smoothed again and again. iStraight Keratin is most effective on hair types that have previously had a chemical service on the hair. The higher the damage, the more effective the treatment will be. 

also known as:

Brazil Keratin Treatment – Keratin Smoothing – Haar Botox

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